I’m Sam Duncan, owner of The Element of Design and mastermind behind WP for Coaches DIY WordPress Masterclass.

I have worked with health and wellness entrepreneurs for many years and have discovered the key ingredients needed for them to create and launch a successful website using the best tools we have available on the web.

I have been driven to find a way to help more coaches by offering them a budget-friendly, easy, and effective website that they can do themselves. Whether they have a website already or just crave something better and easier to manage, I have created a video course that is perfect for them. Learn more about my DIY Website Masterclass.

Why I decided to teach this course…

I am a huge fan of WordPress! Which is a professional website building platform used by hundreds of thousands of businesses on the web.

WordPress stole my heart 5 years ago in a way that has completely transformed my business.

I was already playing quite nicely with Joomla! (which is basically WordPress’s older brother) …I guess you could say I went for the younger, better looking version… leaving Joomla! behind with words of “it’s not you, it’s me” and “I’ll never forget the good times we shared”.

It was a hard decision and just like so many others, I had no idea at first what WordPress was or why it was so popular. I was drawn to learn more about and see what all the buzz was about.

My first date with WordPress was an utter failure.

I have to laugh at myself because I went about it the absolute hardest way possible… trying to teach myself without any guidance! I kept hearing about how easy it was… so why wasn’t I (someone with experience in this field…) not able to figure it out?!

But through trial and error — and realizing I was waaay over-complicating it in my mind — each step got me closer and closer to figuring out what made WordPress so special and I soon learned exactly what all this buzz was about.

I discovered what tools could be paired up with WordPress that made my life and my clients’ lives way easier; not to mention it allowed me to exercise my talents to my fullest potential as the possibilities layouts were endless once I was able to create my own.

I had uncovered the secret…
and I decided to never let WordPress go.

My clients were happy with their websites and I was over the moon because I knew I was providing an excellent website built on a solid foundation; something my clients would be excited to show off to their audience and would offer them a long-term website solution.

I soon found that more and more of my clients were also being drawn to the idea of using WordPress themselves. They craved the knowledge needed to managing their own blog posts, pages and tools.

I made it my mission in 2016 was to give my clients more
of what they wanted: Freedom to do it themselves

I spent a year mapping out how I could teach people — even tech newbies — how to create a website in WordPress that not just looked professional and authentic to their business but also functioned as if a developer had created the site for them.

In September 2016, I launched my course with a full video library walking students through each and every step needed to completely create their websites themselves.

I decided to take a different approach to my course than what I have seen others take which was to create my course around a premade website that I had already personally created and would give to my students to build upon for their projects.

Why did I decide to break the mold and offer this? It certainly created a ton more work for myself… like, literally months of extra work outside of my video library and guides… but I didn’t care if that meant more work for me because it ultimately made way more room for success for my students.

It completely eliminated as much of the techie overwhelm as possible and left more of the fun stuff, like choosing colors and adding photos. I wanted my students to be able to dive right in without fear of needing to learn all the tech mumbo jumbo… because they honestly didn’t need to learn it to create their own site.

I still work with clients 1-on-1 for custom projects. Websites, design, consulting, email automatons, lead pages, and so much more. But I just love giving people a way to do it themselves and giving out support to them along the way through my membership completely feeds my soul <3